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Rock Musician Claims White House Has Banned His Song

Jets, an anti-Bush dark pop/rock anti-war song by Mick Star which combines actual Bush speeches with the music and song lyrics in an interesting and poignant way, has been banned on American radio as a result of White House tactics to hold back funding from private, public and college radio stations across America that play Jets. Record producers, record companies and rock bands that are currently touring America have been ordered to honor the White House blacklisting of Mick Star and Jets or they will be placed on the same Banned on America radio blacklist. With the help of Clear Channel and other American owned and Republican Party run radio station monoliths, these rovian tactics have proven effective. The American music community has turned a deaf ear to the most dramatic anti-Bush pop/rock song ever written and produced by an American citizen.

Why is the White House afraid of Jets? Mick Star, a recluse rock poet says it's rather simple. Jets features George Bush himself declaring victory, taunting the world and committing other people's money and lives to his arrogantly blind vision. Mick Star says Jets is a song that wrote itself. As recluse rock poets go, Mick Star has little money. But Mick Star has a passion for the truth and Mick Star has a lap top computer. Mick Star travels the internet and he has taken Jets to Canada, England, Europe and South America knowing the truth will eventually override the Rovian grip of American radio.

Mick Star invites you to visit his web site to listen to and download Jets for free. Jets is a song about the Jets that land at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware, USA, bearing the dead American soldiers from Iraq. The White House maintains a rovian grip on any and all press releases from Dover. Mick Star and Jets will break the rovian grip on America's conscious.

Now that the death toll of American soldiers in Iraq has surpassed 3000, and there is talk of increased American troop presence in Iraq, there is renewed interest in the song Jets. While Mick Star continues to promote all of his music in the Philadelphia underground music circuit, Jets is the single song that Star believes will launch his career from an obscure Philadelphia-based writer to eventual stardom as the American public becomes increasingly dismayed by the Bush administration and its Iraq policies. "If there's some way that my simple little song gets somebody to listen, then I've done my job," said Star. "That's worth more to me than any amount of record sales." Jets is not the first of Mick Star's hits. His life can be divided into four primary chapters that begin with "Songs from the Highfield," then moves on to "The Boston University Years," "iving with Ann Marie in Philadelphia," and "Futures Passing.

" Clearly an artist with the talent and conviction of Mick Star will continue to rock the American underground music scene.

http://www.advancedtele.com http://www.ringingphone.com Bob Bentz is co-owner of Advanced Telecom Services. Advanced Telecom recently sold its ringtone business. Bob has 57 ringtones on his Motorola. "Jets" is available at Ringingphone.

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