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Determining the Right Time to Home School

Many parents are unaware about when they can start homeschooling their child. In fact, a no minimum age criterion has been specified for home schooling. Whenever you decide to begin home schooling your child, you may do so. However, you need to acquaint yourself with state requirements for home schooling. If your child has gone through some traditional schooling, you must determine his need at the time of transition. One of the best things about home schooling is that the age of the child has very little to do with the curriculum chosen.

Generally, children who are educated via home schooling are those who have some traditional school background. Parents who decide to home school their child, generally find the new school and classroom inadequate, in terms of being able to provide a proper atmosphere, intellectually challenging for the child, allowing him to reach his full potential. When the child has gone through a traditional school, it is essential to consult the institution and get the childs records in order, to assess the childs educational level and performance in school. This would enable you to choose a fitting curriculum that would adequately address his home schooling need.

If you have decided to home school your child from an age that is below the normal schooling age, you need not go through any prior consultation. Just make sure that you follow the correct procedure for home schooling, as prescribed by your state. For example, if the state requires prior information about your intentions to home school your child, you must follow the guidelines and any other specified requirements. Many people express concern on the fact that home schooling a child is not age dependent.

There are many parents who move their children out of the traditional schooling model in order to provide an age appropriate curriculum. Home schooling on the other hand is concerned with the intellectual appropriateness of the child and not his age. In the traditional schooling methods, all the children in a particular grade are required to follow a standard curriculum that does not take into account their individual intellectual levels.

In homeschooling, as a parent you can decide on which aspect of your childs education needs more time and attention and what would be the appropriate material required fulfilling that need. If your child is above average and is capable of taking on more complex and advanced material, you can go ahead with the advanced home schooling curriculum. The home schooling system is based on merit rather than on age. It also lets you design a curriculum that is suited to the preference and ability of the child. It would allow him to grow as an individual, instead of making him follow some generalized curriculum applicable to a particular age group only. Traditional schools encourage an atmosphere where children are amidst peers of the same age group.

This results in age-based socialization. In home schooling, the child interacts freely with all the people in the community and this gives him greater exposure to opportunities and experience, to develop as per his emotional and intellectual maturity.

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